Steam Friends


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Steam Friends is no longer maintained, I am not updating it anymore so if Valve changes the steam community site it may stop working.

Steam Friends is a simple desktop client for viewing and managing Steam Friends without being signed into the Steam Client. It was born from a request from one of my "former" teachers Sean Morrow, after I wrote a simple iPhone web application that loads in your steam friends from your profile. Sean wanted to be able to see who is online on his Steam Friends list without having to sign into Steam, and have to explain to the hords of begging students why he can't play Left 4 Dead at that moment. So my iPhone web app was built, but it had limitations like friends with non-public profiles would not show up in the list. Now Steam Friends was built, since you must log into the Steam Community I can pull all of your friends regardless of their profile privacy.

Steam Friends allows you to Block/Unblock friends as well as remove them all along side the ability to view their current status on Steam. It features two display modes where you can pick whether you want large avatars or small avatars.

Disclamer: Steam Friends does not send login credentials for to anywhere other than if you choose to remember your login information is stored in an encrypted database on your machine.