Upgrading Servers from 2.2.2 to 3.0.0

Before beginning the upgrade to 3.0.x from Code Bank 2.2.2 servers you need to verify that your hosting environment meets the requirements for SilverStripe found here. Next ensure you backup your current codeBankServer folder as well as the database it is using, though the migration process is not destructive on the database you do need a copy of the old Code Bank should you need to roll back, as well the old tables will be re-named after the migration process completes.

  1. Note the database information in codeBankServer/config/database.php, you need the information in this file for the next steps
  2. Remove all of the files in your codeBankServer folder (this is why you backed up, you did right?)
  3. Download the latest build of the Code Bank Server from here
  4. Unzip code bank into your your codeBankServer folder, make sure that it now contains a framework, and CodeBank folder among many other files in the immediate directory
  5. Visit http://{your domain}/codeBankServer and follow the installer instructions using the same database credentials you were using for the 2.2.0 Code Bank Server
  6. Next login, once you are logged in you will see a message that says it found your old install data and that it can be migrated. Click the migration link, and wait for the process to complete it will say "Migration Completed" when done this process should not take long though it may take longer on larger databases.
  7. Click back in your browser, this will take you back into the new interface where you should see all of your snippets. I recommend verifying that every thing was migrated successfully, though the migration process should go smoothly it may have issues.

If all went well you can update your desktop clients and they should now be able to connect to the new server and interact with it as usual.